Friday, September 2, 2011

The Benefits of Sex

The Benefits of Sex
By Michele M. Freeman

Sex is not just good; it is also good for you.  In addition, the benefits are the same whether or not it is “self-cultivated” according to the Taoist definition or done with one or more partners.  It is the resulting organsm that counts.  Here are the known benefits of sex.

1.    Sex extends your life.  A study done at Duke University showed that for men, the frequency of sex was a significant predictor of longevity.  For women, the longevity benefit of sex was dependent on a history of enjoying sex.  Therefore, ladies, if you are not liking sex for whatever reason, the odds are that your sexy, sensual, empowered sisters will live much longer than you will.

2.    Individuals who have sex three or more times per week had a 50% reduction in having a heart attack.  This is because the biggest risk factor in having a heart attack is how angry you are.  Orgasms release endorphins and oxytocin, which create a sense of well being and relaxation.

3.    Sex reduces your change of having a stroke as it improves your blood flow. 

4.    Orgasms improve immunity by boosting your infection-fighting cells up to 20 percent.  It also promotes faster healing.

5.    Orgasms aid in boosting hormone levels of estrogen.  Women who enjoy regular sex have significantly higher levels of estrogen in their blood.  The benefits of estrogen are higher good cholesterol, lower bad cholesterol, a healthy cardiovascular system, smoother skin, and increased bone density.

6.    Orgasms raise levels of DHEA and testosterone.  The benefits of DHEA are improved cardiovascular health, healthy skin, improvement in brain functioning, balancing of the immune system and the maintenance and repair of body tissue.  The benefits of testosterone is lowering the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and improving memory.  

7.    Orgasms have anticancer properties.  It has been shown to reduce the risk of prostate cancer and breast cancer by one third.

8.    Regular orgasms promote restful sleep.

9.    Orgasms have shown benefits in treating pain, especially from PMS, arthritis, postoperative conditions, labor pain and migraine headaches.  So, instead of taking pain pills, try having an orgasm instead.

10.  Orgasms positively influence your happiness.  They have an antidepressant effect and help reduce the incidences of depression and suicide.

11.  Regular orgasms can make you look 10 years younger.  So, instead of using Botox and plastic surgery, try having regular, enjoyable sex.

12.  Orgasms improves your sense of smell, which heightens your sense of taste and allows you to enjoy your food more. 

13.  Orgasms strenghtens pelvic floor muscles and improves bladder control.  This will help you enjoy sex more now and reduces incontinence later on in life.

14.  Sexual activity burns more calories per hour than yoga, dancing, and walking.

Do all these benefits mean that you must ramp up your sex life and have lots of sex every day?  Not necessarily.  The studies overall showed that the most benefits resulted from having satisfying sex 3-4 times per week. Fulfilling sex is the new health potion. It can help you in many ways when you enjoy it and have it on a regular basis.